What the Hell Do I Know?

Nine years ago, after getting home from my 3rd government sponsored vacation to a place that I’m certain man wasn’t intended to live (the middle east), I decided to try to grow up a little bit, buy a house, and settle down.  I knew the VA loan program existed, but I had no idea what the benefits were.  Based on the sound that my knees and back made when getting out of bed in the morning, I assumed I had enough time in service to qualify for the loan. Though the agents  (husband and wife team….cute, I know) I used were great, they didn’t know much about the VA loan.  After countless phone calls, emails and messenger pigeons between the agent, the lender, and myself, I managed to put my VA home loan to use and purchase a home that was way too big for me.

Well, since that day 9 years ago, I’ve since left the full-time military and dedicated myself to helping Veterans navigate the VA home buying process, as well as the housing market in general.  I can’t promise the road to purchasing a home will be without hurdles, but I can assure you that I will guide you through the entire process, and ensure you get the answers you deserve.  I’m committed to being the subject matter expert on the VA loan.

I’m proud to be certified through the National Association of Realtors as a Military Relocation Professional.

As always, thank you for your service,

Brad Williams


Military Relocation Professional

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612-408-1953 | bradwilliams@edinarealty.com